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SampleSunday – The Docks Chapter 1

May 29, 2011 SampleSundaySmashwordsThe Docks

This Sunday, my sample is Chapter One of "The Docks". After all the changes -a new cover, new layout and new price - I'm also adding a Coupon code valid this weekend to download the whole ebook for free.

Get the full book on Smashwords HereCoupon Code: AB96D (Free - 100% discount, Valid until 30th May)

(Also available on Amazon, but Amazon does not offer the coupon discount)

Chapter 1 of the Docks

Bob had told me we were going to sink the ship, but what he hadn't mentioned was that it wouldn't be empty when we did it. My jaw dropped in horror as I saw the arm, smashing out the cabin window, black against the flames behind it as it fumbled for the door handle on the outside to escape the inferno. Fumbled at the door that Bob had blocked.

"Good night's

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The Docks – an update

May 27, 2011 The Docks

Before I get back to "The Docks" here's a quick update on what I am currently working on. The sequel to "The Docks" is now at 6,000 words and a completed outline, so it is due out later this year. I have another novel at 60,000 but the research for that one is taking a lot of my time. Now on to the important news."The Docks" has just been updated on Smashwords. There are a few changes:New cover, provided by Razzle Dazzle design. It's more gripping and definitely more relevant to the book that the original.New text file - mainly to add the copyright notice for the new cover.Sampling has changed slightly. This is a personal choice because, I'll admit, I wanted to end it on a cliffhanger. And finally price. The book is now set at 99 cents. My last blog post mentioned a few of the issues

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“Reader sets price” – pros and cons

May 23, 2011 SmashwordsThe Docks

I was using "Reader sets price" for "The Docks". On review, I don't think this is working and will be switching to 99c fairly shortly. The "Reader sets price option" seems to restrict your audience without providing many advantages. The first issue is that most offers on Smashwords rely on coupons, which can't be generated for books using "Reader sets Price". At the same time, you can't link "Reader sets price" books to the free ebook directories and users still need a Smashwords account to download it while free books can be accessed by anyone. Some Smashwords readers I spoke to skip over books with this payment type because trying to work out how much to pay is an extra step between them and the book.If there was a tip jar option on the author page, I'd just make the book free and link

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DailyCheapReads spotlight on Fire Season

May 20, 2011 Uncategorized

Fire Season has been highlighted as a Supercheap read (99p until the end of May) as part of the British author month. Read the article here: may be wondering why I post every time Fire Season gets a mention somewhere. For me at least, it's the equivalent of the proud parent waving graduation photos. One day I am sure I will be so jaded that I stop mentioning every reference my books get. For now, however, I fully intend to celebrate them! Especially considering how lucky it is to get this type of feature for a debut novel, on a blog as popular as DailyCheapReads. For US readers, it should be on the US Daily Cheap Reads site later today. Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to celebrate, tweet, forum-post and generally shout this from the rooftops.

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Another Fire Season review

May 16, 2011 Uncategorized

A quick review from A Robbins Book Review blog. It's short but sweet:"It takes a while for the drama to start but once you get to it the story is a wonderful amazing read. This is a recommended read by me and I will be on the lookout for more."Read ReviewNot much else to update, although "The Docks" will hopefully be coming to Kindle soon. It's already available on Smashwords, under "Reader sets price" option so you can download it free if you like. Once this goes into the premium catalogue I'll need to set a fixed price (probably a huge $0.99) , but for now, enjoy the discount option.Read "The Docks" on Smashwords

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SampleSunday – The Docks

May 15, 2011 SampleSundayThe Docks

A sample from "The Docks", the novella I've been working on. Rather than another sample from Fire Season or Arrival, for this week's Sample Sunday, I thought I'd try something new. With the help of my publisher, The Docks is now available on Smashwords. I'm trialling the "reader chooses" method, so readers can pay what they like or download it for free, while it will be Smashwords minimum of $0.99 on all other channels.Sample: The Docks

Bob had told me we were going to sink the ship, but what he hadn't mentioned was that it wouldn't be empty when we did it. My jaw dropped in horror as I saw the arm, smashing out the cabin window, black against the flames behind it as it fumbled for the door handle on the outside to escape the inferno. Fumbled at the door that Bob had

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A new short story, and thoughts on releasing works

May 11, 2011 Uncategorized

If you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably noticed I've been working on a new short story.It is complete, although the final draft is closer to a novella at just under 20,000 words. The edited version I got back has a few changes, but not many which is a good sign. The real problem is deciding on a title. My working titles are not good, but luckily publishers tend to change the name before release.Now there's the question of how to release it. The short story I had planned could have been sold to a magazine, but there's less demand for 20,000 words. (For other short story writers, Duotrope is a useful resource about open markets).I could release it as a e-book myself. I've had some interesting experiences with e-books: My books on Smashwords (both Arrival and other titles as

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General updates

May 6, 2011 Uncategorized

"Thanks to the expertly voiced narration, the author's story-telling gifts are strongly in evidence, particularly in his masterly evocation of time, place and events that will haunt readers long after the book has been put to rest." Bookpleasures (Read Review).Fire Season has picked up another review on from Norman Goldman, editor of Bookpleasures and an Amazon Vine reviewer.The short story I am working on is now nearly complete, although it appears to have changed genre halfway through. The beta-readers says it's a great crime drama. As that isn't a genre I read or am familiar with, I have no idea what conventions I am trampling all over. I just hope it's an entertaining story.The Kindle version of Fire Season will be 99p until the end of May. Similar discounts are available

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SampleSunday – Arrival

May 1, 2011 SampleSunday

Go to sampleI was going to post a bit of my new story, but unfortunately it has gone from a planned 1,500 words to a novella and I'm still writing it. This means it hasn't been edited yet, and I'd rather not inflict my unedited work on an audience.Here's a snippet from Arrival, a free short story on Smashwords. The full story can be read (or downloaded as an ebook) from Smashwords.


"I lost the auction." Jim slung the kitbag down and slumped in a chair. Shaking his head, Jake stepped across and closed the door Jim had left swinging behind him.

"Just as well. What would you have done if you'd won?" he asked, and Jim stared at the floor.

"I dunno. I'd have worked something out. I hate to think of her in the hands of strangers."

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