SampleSunday – Arrival

May 1, 2011 SampleSunday

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I was going to post a bit of my new story, but unfortunately it has gone from a planned 1,500 words to a novella and I’m still writing it. This means it hasn’t been edited yet, and I’d rather not inflict my unedited work on an audience.

Here’s a snippet from Arrival, a free short story on Smashwords. The full story can be read (or downloaded as an ebook) from Smashwords


“I lost the auction.” Jim slung the kitbag down and slumped in a chair. Shaking his head, Jake stepped across and closed the door Jim had left swinging behind him.

“Just as well. What would you have done if you’d won?” he asked, and Jim stared at the floor.

“I dunno. I’d have worked something out. I hate to think of her in the hands of strangers.”

“And it took you a week to tell me?” Jake sounded unimpressed.

“I didn’t think it would take that long to get home. Didn’t want to talk about it.” Jim wasn’t being quite honest; he didn’t even want to think about. Jake raised an eyebrow.

“Were you even close?”

“Not a chance. She went for more than my entire backpay.”

“Just as well. I don’t know what you were doing bidding in the first place. Why didn’t you try to buy something less life-changing, like a house?” Jake was utterly unsympathetic, and Jim scowled at him.

“Just sentiment, I guess. I need a drink.” Since he was nearer, Jake grabbed two beers from the fridge and sat down, tossing one to his maudlin brother.

“Shouldn’t you wait until you’re out of uniform for that?”

“Who’s going to care?” Jim cracked the top of the beer and downed a swig, staring moodily at the floor. Jake chuckled, and his brother looked up and glared. He held his hands up in a soothing gesture.

“Jim, seriously, looking at this from the point of view of a rational person and not an obsessive pilot, what the hell would you do with a defunct nuclear bomber?”

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