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2015, a new year, so a new approach

January 13, 2015 News

With the start of a new year I am back to writing again. I am making a few changes: I currently have four books in different genres on submission with various publishers. This isn't a slight on Ragged Angel, but simply because the books are not in fields they publish in. There's also a degree of wanting to spread the risk and be able to get more books out at once than RA have slots for.Under a Sepia Moon, a children's series is currently sitting with a publisher, and I hope to hear back by the end of the month. There are more details on Wizzley, hereI've had a request for a 30,000 novella, which may end up using a different pen name to avoid splitting my fan base.  I don't mind sharing Children's and Adventure, but non-fiction might be more difficult.And regarding non-fiction, there might

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