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Overseas and over the counter…

October 30, 2011 Uncategorized

Pre-order options for "The Docks" have expanded, to be overseas and over the bookshop counter. When a new book is released it takes a while for each stage of the chain to pick up the update from the one before, confirm the details and pass it on. I found out on Saturday that "The Docks" distribution chain has been configured.

The Docks can now be pre-ordered over the counter in Waterstones or from their website. It can also be pre-ordered by overseas customers through the Bookdepository, who once again are offering free overseas shipping.Since the branches can now pre-order it, there is a possibility I can get a signing or launch event set up in a Waterstones branch. While I love indie bookshops, there is no doubt in our area that Waterstones gets more traffic and would sell more

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A book launch

October 26, 2011 Uncategorized

My author copy of the Docks arrived this morning. Excuse me while I sound like a proud parent, but doesn't it look good!

It is a slim, mass-market paperback, with a glossy cover. Please ignore the slight lift to the cover in the photo: when it arrived the first thing I did was read it. The second thing was to go to certain book stores and wave it at the owners, who read it...It should have been here a few days ago, but apparently DHL couldn't deliver. Royal Mail picked up the slack, and if that's the worst thing that happens while this book is coming out I will be delighted!The book launch is coming together: 3pm-5pm Book Signing7pm-9pm Launch PartyAnd all at Farthing Books!Here's an online invitation. If you'd like more details please contact the store.The main launch event is in

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Book launch Announcement

October 18, 2011 Uncategorized

24th November 2011 at Farthing Books.Signed copies will be available at the shop during normally business hours, while the launch party will be in the evening from 7pm-9pm. Refreshments will be available. More information is available from the shop.For information, please contact Farthing Books Tel. 020 8660 7688, 21 Chipstead Valley Rd, Coulsdon, CR5 2RB ( would like to cordially invite you to"The Docks" Book Launch to be held at Farthing Books on24th November 2011

Right, now the formal part is out of the way, I'd like to say a very big thank you to the owner of Farthing Books for allowing me to use her store for a launch this close to Christmas. Farthing Books is one of the newest independant bookshops in London,

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The Docks Book Launch – planning

October 13, 2011 book launch

Well, it's official. The Docks is going into print. It can now be pre-ordered from the website, and the distribution chain is kicking off. I was holding off on updating because I wanted to submit a picture of the actual book, but that won't arrive for another week. (For anyone curious, Paypal is being used for pre-orders as it accepts dollars and euros)Pre-order "The Docks" in print£4.99 (Free P&P)**Overseas orders not guaranteed to arrive before christmas.What I need to plan now is the book launch. I have options: ask Waterstones, ask an indie bookstore or hide in a room above a pub. The only option not currently available is the Fire Season method of a very large games convention. I'd like to support an indie bookstore, but this leaves me with all the planning. As a

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Vanishing reviews and spreading your risks

October 6, 2011 Uncategorized

This is interesting and currently the hot topic on book blogs: Amazon are removing reviews. Not just in ones or twos, they are emptying entire review accounts. These reviews aren't abusive or spoilers or anything to do with the content, they are detailed reviews written by bloggers and book reviewers. These are people who run their own blog and cross-post their reviews to Amazon, not the 5-star schemes out there. The current theory on many blogs is that Amazon is removing anything cross-posted to make sure that any reviews on its pages only appear on the Amazon site.If this is true, this could badly affect indie books including mine, since the majority of my reviews on Amazon are by book reviewers not readers. As I don't make most of my sales from Amazon, it would be difficult to

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The Docks in print?

October 5, 2011 Uncategorized

My big news for the week is that The Docks may be coming out in print, handled by the same publisher that did Fire Season. It's a small-press arrangement, but once again the book will be getting distribution and shelf space. With luck, it might even be out in time for Christmas.A 96 page mass market paperback, it would be on the shelves at £4.99. I thought this was a bit high until I went to my local Waterstones and checked the prices on comparable titles, which start at £5.99 and go up. Since everything else on the deal seemed reasonable I've taken the plunge and optioned the print rights.The ebook got good reviews, so I'll be chasing quotes for the back cover. After all, comments like:

"I definitely recommend The Docks for a fast, entertaining read!" Gathering Leaves Reviews


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