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From Squidoo to Wizzley

August 23, 2014 Uncategorized

I used to keep authors notes and extra content on Squidoo. Unfortunately, last Wednesday, it was announced that Squidoo was closing and moving content to Hubpages. I will miss the community there, but I spent a very enjoyable few years on the site and would like to thank them for that.

As I have no intention of using Hubpages, you can now find my notes on Wizzley, a site set up by some former Squidoo writers. My profile is here:

It seems that recently I have been writing everything except my blog. I have two competition entries out, soon to be posted here if they don't win, a new manuscript in progress and one that may be released in September.

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Kobo Survey – Initial results

October 22, 2013 Uncategorized

A few days ago I launched this poll: covering authors affected by Kobo's actions. It's been live for three days, with answers from many authors covering over 1000 books: an interesting poll with some interesting results. There were a few issues:People believing their books were live when they were not. Many overseas authors did not realise that their books can be live on their author accounts and the US site, but had been removed from the UK site. I received a number of corrective emails when they realised. Likewise authors in other genres assumed because the books were not adult they had not been removed and did not check.Some questions were poorly worded - the details that came out in the comments revealed a lot of extra data.Although I made

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Kobo & WhSmith – Author Survey

October 19, 2013 Uncategorized

Following up from my last post, this ia a quick survey to find out how many of the afected authors actually wrote erotica or adult material. Without going into the rights or wrongs of whether books should be banned, this is more about assessing the collatoral damage of the recent actions taken by WH Smith and Kobo.

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Kobo & WH Smith – Insanity or Incompetance?

October 14, 2013 Uncategorized

It has been very hard to miss the complaints about "adult material" making it into the WH Smith online ebook store recently, or the fact they have taken their site down. The basic issue - adult books showing on a general search for innocuous - is correct and as reported. The causes of this, however, are a little more complicated than the standard press story covers.First, it is necessary to note WH Smith gets its ebook feed from Kobo, which allows a much broader range of such explicit content than many suppliers. Second, WH Smith have removed their entire site, instead of just the ebook store, inconveniencing a lot of customers for little reason.

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Fire Season going to Amazon

July 2, 2013 Uncategorized

Fire Season has just been removed from Smashwords.This isn't something I ever thought I would have to agree to, but it seems that the ebook pricing between some of the linked premium sites has got out of control. Effectively one discounted, then another beat their price and so on. The price on Smashwords itself never changed, and there seemed to be no way to get this back under control, since none of the affected sites would raise their price. (For people complaining about favouring one platform over another: As an author outside the US I can't publish directly through these sites, even though a US tax ID is available. Allow me or my publisher to publish directly and I will happily put my book on multiple  sites.)There was also an issue, now resolved, with one of the sites making an

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A new NA Plagarism case

June 28, 2013 Uncategorized

I wasn't going to post until the new story was ready to come out, but this has been going wild over kindleboards, goodreads and then the web.

Dear Author broke a story about an author called Jordin Williams, who had put up a book called Amazingly Broken that turned out to have plagarised parts of Easy by Tamara Webber. Jordin Williams claimed it was ghost written, but then Kindleboards found a link that made it appear the text was actually borrowed from a fanfiction: Amazingly Damaged.

And then things really started to unravel into cross promotions, suspected fake IDs and more. There's a full breakdown here, with a diagram that has to be seen to be believed.Teresa Mummert's blog: Plagarism Plot thickens

The problem is that this

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March 24, 2013 Uncategorized

It has not been a bad week. Going Under has a good review on Amazon, and Standing Guard has picked up two more. I have just put the first chapter of The Docks on Wattpad, along with Arrival, and there may be a few more pieces and samples joining it soon.Unfortunately it's a bad time of year for me, and followers of the blog will know why.  I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging as a result. I am still writing but its going to be a few weeks before I release anything.  Hopefully I will be back after Easter, with a new release and more blogs.

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Thoughts on Calibre (ebook software)

March 3, 2013 Uncategorized

Calibre Ebook ManagerCalibre is free ebook software that manages your ebooks, allows you to share them if you choose, and best of all lets you link up almost every ereader to easily update and install books.

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How to migrate from Blogger to WordPress

February 21, 2013 Articles and OpinionsOff-topicUncategorized

Migrating content, particularly in this day of search engines and old links, can be tricky if you don't want to lose a lot of ground. However, I found the new Google interface difficult to use and awkward, which is why I started the new blog in the first place, and trying to handle comments was difficult. Ideally I wanted to get all my content in one place without breaking any third party links and losing visitors. Making any links to posts redirect to the new posts without having to manually recode them, or add the annoying "This blog has moved page" was the main target - and if I could get the search engines to redirect that would be even better.

It turns out there is actually a way to do this.

The process I used was based on this article from Digital Inspirations with a few

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Sample Sunday – Going Under

February 17, 2013 Uncategorized

For Sample Sunday this week, it's Going Under. Mainly because I have a new cover to show off and the book is free today.

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