The Docks – an update

May 27, 2011 The Docks

Before I get back to “The Docks” here’s a quick update on what I am currently working on. The sequel to “The Docks” is now at 6,000 words and a completed outline, so it is due out later this year. I have another novel at 60,000 but the research for that one is taking a lot of my time. Now on to the important news.

“The Docks” has just been updated on Smashwords. There are a few changes:
  • New cover, provided by Razzle Dazzle design. It’s more gripping and definitely more relevant to the book that the original.
  • New text file – mainly to add the copyright notice for the new cover.
  • Sampling has changed slightly. This is a personal choice because, I’ll admit, I wanted to end it on a cliffhanger.
And finally price. The book is now set at 99 cents. My last blog post mentioned a few of the issues that “Reader Sets Price” was creating, so to resolve these the book now has a $0.99 cents price tag.

This also means I can generate coupons, so here’s the first, valid to 30th May:
To get “The Docks” free, use coupon: AB96D

The Docks
Ebook Price: $0.99 (17,497 words)
Type: Fiction
Author: V.H. Folland
Released: May 14th, 2011

Harry’s on the hook for murder…
A career criminal’s crisis of conscience lands him on the hook for a kiling he admits. Murder, manslaughter or self-defence? When he and his solicitor match wits with the police there is more than his freedom at stake.