Reviews for The Docks

November 26, 2011 ReviewsThe Docks

After the book launch on Thursday, reviews have started to come in from several of the advance copies I sent out. In some ways, waiting for readers’ opinions is more nerve-wrecking than the launch was.

Doubleshot Reviews have given it a four shot expresso rating, which is their highest.Cover mock up for The Docks

“The pace is smooth and fast for this novella, which makes you feel as though you have read though a whole book.”
Double Shot Reviews

Coffee order: Quad (“5) Quad: You don’t already own and have read this book multiple times? What’s wrong with you?! Put down the coffee and go buy this book!”)

I’m flattered.

The Amazon reviews are more mixed with two five stars, two four stars and a three star on and it is interesting seeing what the different readers take out of the story. There are more reviews to come (I can think of another eight copies I sent out), so I hope people continue to like the book.