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May 6, 2011 Uncategorized

“Thanks to the expertly voiced narration, the author’s story-telling gifts are strongly in evidence, particularly in his masterly evocation of time, place and events that will haunt readers long after the book has been put to rest.” Bookpleasures (Read Review).

Fire Season has picked up another review on from Norman Goldman, editor of Bookpleasures and an Amazon Vine reviewer.

The short story I am working on is now nearly complete, although it appears to have changed genre halfway through. The beta-readers says it’s a great crime drama. As that isn’t a genre I read or am familiar with, I have no idea what conventions I am trampling all over. I just hope it’s an entertaining story.

The Kindle version of Fire Season will be 99p until the end of May. Similar discounts are available on and .de.

The real problem is that promoting Fire Season has left me without the time I need to research the other two novels I have half-finished. I wish it were possible to hire someone to play the author in public and do the promotional bit, and let me get back to writing!