Not good news

June 22, 2010 Firestorm

This morning Firestorm was officially released by Bewrite, for a reason that I honestly never expected to hear from a publisher. They have returned the rights free and clear so I can find someone who can exploit my marketing more effectively. However this also leaves me trying to find a way to get the book published by the end of the year, preferably by someone who can take advantage of my ability to get things on shelves - and then sold off them!I have one option already available, an offer from someone I've worked with before. Unfortunately as fiction and novels are completely outside that publisher's normal remit, they've agreed I should try to find a specialist first. As a result I am now busy trying to find another publisher prepared to take on an orphaned work with a lot of PR

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Temporary hiatus

June 21, 2010 Uncategorized

Hopefully only for a couple of days while I sort things out.Right now, I need a drink.

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Gatwick Aviation Museum Open Day

June 21, 2010 Off-topic

We got to Gatwick Aviation Museum, and had a pleasant day looking round. Not only do they have one of the only live Shackletons in the world, but their Buccaneer is now runnable. Sadly no Shackleton engine runs are currently planned because of the cost - starting at £600-£800 and going up depending on maintenance requirements.Several of the aircraft are newly painted, but the weather is slowly taking its toll on them. News from the Museum is that they are putting in for planning permission to replace the temporary buildings and grass site with a hanger, which would provide the aircraft being restored (and the people working on them) with some protection from the elements.Another notable addition was some of the owner's photographs. He had some beautiful photographs of the Gatwick Airport

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Themes and websites

June 19, 2010 Firestorm

I've spent the day doing a bit of research on Arts Council Grants, just in case I can get some help with researching my next book. I've also got a theme for the actual website, since the google site I am using at the moment is not particularly attractive. Ironically, the URL is also not exactly search engine friendly. There's now a news list set up, so if you are interested in the book, you can sign up to get press releases, updates and more. Hopefully the full website will be up by the end of the week.Unfortunately there is no word on preorders, although I have asked if Bewrite can clarify the launch date. Also, one of my old distributors from self-publishing may be interested in taking a few copies, which is always good news. There's an Open Day at Gatwick Aviation Museum tomorrow,

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Cover artwork

June 17, 2010 Firestorm

I just got an email asking about the cover and any restrictions, which is a problem. I'd like to avoid the standard, cliched, and usually inaccurate, "people running away with big aircraft overhead and flames in background" approach. Other than that I'm really not sure.While I can supply reference shots and videos, deciding what to create from them isn't my strong point. I'm alright with digital stills and video work, but I am definitely not an artist.So, a picture of the airfield? An overhead shot of the Vale? I really don't know. Anyone with ideas, please let me know.

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Still working on promotion

June 16, 2010 Promotion

This blog should hopefully be appearing on Technorati shortly. Meanwhile I'm creating a list of local press, review sites and author profile sites, so that once the book is up, I'll have it ready.Even if it's the same profile on each, it's all extra backlinks and publicity.If anyone is interested I could put this site list up on Google docs and make it shareable.BBQ646NECY2F

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The current situation

June 16, 2010 Firestorm

The back cover blurb has now been added to all the various web pages I have set up to promote the book. Between feeds, pages and forums the current situation is:69 or so search results4 or 5 dedicated websitesTwitter (oddly the twitter account has only five followers but I keep running into my tweets in syndication) Two pre-orders. Needless to say, the last one makes me very happy, since I don't have a release date yet.The only problem I have is that the promo work is cutting into my writing time. I've got my next book half-written, and can't find time to finish it off!Also, Bewrite just launched Liza Granville's "The Tor". All the best to Liza. This is her third book with Bewrite, but I'd imagine you still get just as nervous as you do about the first.

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Endorsements and promotion

June 15, 2010 FirestormPromotion

This morning I gingerly dipped my toe into the murky world of endorsements. This largely involved going through my address book and looking out anyone still involved with aircraft, and then trying to write something that might persuade them to endorse my book.Yes, in the US and Canada these people may not be names in their own right, but the fact they've got the word "Air" "Aeroplane" or "Aviation" in their job title and that they (fingers crossed) liked the book enough to say so on the cover, might help sales in those areas. It would certainly help in the UK. However this does leave me to see if the publisher is prepared to give me permission to send out full bound manuscripts for their reading pleasure.On the downside, after my last encounter with duelling experts it does lead me to

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And a final goes across

June 12, 2010 Promotion

Having had it sanity checked, spell checked, proofed and hopefully honed to near completion, the manuscript is now back with the editor. I am, not surprisingly, extremely nervous. To kill the nerves, I've been busy with yet more promotion, getting the blog linked to new sites and trying to make sure the RSS feeds are all connected. Hopefully most of this is now done - as you can see from the growing list of badges on the right hand side of the blog.As long as I can get this done correctly now, it should make getting word out about the book a lot easier when the time comes.

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International issues

June 10, 2010 Firestorm

The joys of conflicting laws: on what should be the final edit I find out something about the US that means a plot point is actually illegal over there, while in three other countries it is standard practice.Fortunately it is easily fixed to make it international, so it is not a showstopper just extremely irritating. At the current stage I will admit I am being pedantic, but I would like to reach the widest possible audience.However for any later books, I will probably try to stick to one country and a definite location - it's easier than balancing multiple laws!

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