Endorsements and promotion

June 15, 2010 FirestormPromotion

This morning I gingerly dipped my toe into the murky world of endorsements. This largely involved going through my address book and looking out anyone still involved with aircraft, and then trying to write something that might persuade them to endorse my book.

Yes, in the US and Canada these people may not be names in their own right, but the fact they’ve got the word “Air” “Aeroplane” or “Aviation” in their job title and that they (fingers crossed) liked the book enough to say so on the cover, might help sales in those areas. It would certainly help in the UK. However this does leave me to see if the publisher is prepared to give me permission to send out full bound manuscripts for their reading pleasure.

On the downside, after my last encounter with duelling experts it does lead me to wonder if I’ll get them back covered in red pen and contradictory advice.

On the upside, I’ve already had two preorders based on the blurb I wrote for the back cover. It’s now been added to:
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