Twitter story update

August 12, 2010 Twitter Story

So far the revised video trailer has only got good reviews. However, although I would like to release it now, I am waiting until I can add confirmed information about the book, the publisher and a definite release date. Once bitten, twice shy.The twitter story passed its beta readers and is now undergoing a last check, while I try to work out the best way to split it up so it does not become confusing on twitter. I've also set up weekly roundups that will appear on the blog each Friday. The targeted start date is 16th August, which means it will finish around Halloween. There are no further updates I can discuss regarding publication at this time.

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Trailers and twitter

August 10, 2010 Uncategorized

The trailer got its first revision (thank to ruadh and kia for their feedback on the proboard) and the new version is currently available through Youtube. Drop me a note if you want the link.The twitter story is now in 82 discrete tweets with a hashtag allocated and space to retweet. I just need my betas to confirm it makes sense in the new format, and I'll start sending it out.Other than that, there are currently discussions underway with a distributor. They were interested when it was with Bewrite, so rather typically of my wrong-way-round approach first I got a publisher before an agent, and now I have a distributor before I have a publisher!On the publishing front things are moving along, but I can't say anything more. However if things go as planned, and in publishing they rarely do,

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Book trailer in final cut

August 5, 2010 Firestorm

I've just completed the final draft of the first 30 second book trailer, chased up the permissions and made sure all the images, sounds and software are given the correct credits. It is now up on Youtube, but don't go rushing in searching for it, since it's private. Right now I am after views and opinions, and would be grateful for feedback on it. If you would like to help and want access to it, please drop me a note or a PM on the proboards.Any comments can be shared in the comments here, or on the proboard if you want a more active discussion.Please don't leave comments on the video. If I have to revise it that involves deleting and reuploading, which would wipe your feedback.

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Things coming up

August 3, 2010 Uncategorized

Things coming up about Firestorm:1) A short story to be released on twitter and through the blogs, from the suggested anthology.2) A discussion of cover artwork.3) An announcement about publication. I will say now I have not heard from the mainstream publisher, just so you know it's not them.4) An announcement about pre-orders.5) Talks about distribution are underway, and whether the book gets an overseas release or just UK.Please remember for all of this, no contracts have been signed yet since we are still talking terms and the people on both sides want to get this right first time.

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A companion volume

July 26, 2010 Uncategorized

While there is no news on Firestorm, there has been one development I can share. As I mentioned, one of the items in the offing was the possibility of an anthology of short stories.Over the weekend, this got discussed in some detail. As anthologies rarely draw much attention, the current suggestion is that the anthology will be a POD and eBook release only. It would be a selection of stories set in and around Brooke's Vale, broadening the background of the characters and giving more information on the setting. There is even a title under consideration.So I am sitting down and penning short stories about my characters. To be honest, it makes me a lot more hopeful that Firestorm will get a good release.

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Another reason for Pseudonyms

July 23, 2010 Publishing

I've covered the basic reasons for using a pseudonym before (genre confusion, privacy, shelf position), but recently I encountered one I had not considered. I was talking to a professional contact about some work, when he asked what I'd been doing with myself for the last few months."I've been working on a book deal," I replied."Oh, excellent! You're publishing a book on ! Put me down for one.""No, it was a novel." Even down the telephone, the suddenly screech of brakes and mental reverse was obvious. After a bit of stammering from him, I mercifully changed the subject. And then people wonder why I don't discuss my interests outside work...Once the work issue was done, we discussed his reaction, why it wasn't unexpected, and he gave permission to blog about it as long as he was not named.

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Somewhat down

July 22, 2010 Uncategorized

The post arrived early today, and as expected there was no news. However I also received a note from one of the locations requesting ARCs who are very keen to move ahead with an ARC and a review. Last night I got a message from the Growler ( who were interested in a copy and review for their September issue.This kind of interest, and I am still working on getting a publisher. It is somewhat depressing.At the moment, unfortunately, everything is still up in the air. I will let you know as and when I receive news.

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Acquisitions & editors – an odd irony

July 21, 2010 Publishing

Getting through the editor isn't the last stage either. Once an editor likes it, they have to put their case to an acquisitions board which includes sales, marketing, distibution etc. The acquisitions board then decide if the book is worth buying. These boards often meet once or twice a month.I am trying hard not to remember that my first book got through all the editorial levels with one publisher but was rejected at acquisitions as they did not think they could market it. If I'd known then what I know now - how rare it is for a first novel to get that far - I'd probably have sent it to more than five agents and one publisher. Instead I trunked it, and wrote the one that's now on submission as "Firestorm".It is rather ironic that my first book failed to get published because of potential

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Content aggregation online

July 20, 2010 Uncategorized

There are several sites which say they can take all your online content and aggregate it into one profile. I have tried out tumblr which many people swear by, but unfortunately it turned out to be something I would swear at, since it didn't work very well.I've just gone back to Redgage. It's slightly slower, and doesn't take straight RSS feeds in, but on the other hand I have used it before and I know it works. My new profile is here: the book front, there is now a set-up ready to take pre-orders when we know what is happening with publication, and an online/mail order games company willing to put flyers in each of their sales to promote the book. That should help sales whoever publishes it.

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Does no response mean No?

July 19, 2010 Uncategorized

This is an odd one. On the one hand you have agents and editors who say that no response means no. On the other there are editors who won't even look at a manuscript until they have been chased the first time. To complicate matters, there are other editors who will dump a manuscript unless you do chase them.This is the bit where you need an agent who knows what the particular publishing house's rules are, and also when they break them. For example, I had an agent who said that no response in three months means no and then sent me a rejection eight months later.Without an agent (not for lack of trying) I'm a little lost, but with the end of the four weeks coming up on Friday I need to make a decision. The choice is surprisingly easy, although it might be my professional background talking:

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