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A quick update

September 2, 2010 Twitter Story

I've sent the synopsis off to a publisher who is currently accepting submissions. Still nothing on the agent front.On the publicity side, I spent the latter part of the airshow season this year talking to people about the book. There's been enough interest, and business cards exchanged, I'm beginning to sway towards taking up the offer to just print it. After all, it's been professionally edited, and picked up once, so it can't be that bad. I suspect the reason I keep trying for a larger publisher is because I want the security of other people who want it to succeed once the book is out.After the four-page test, I'm happy they can lay it out professionally. It just depends if I like what they'd put as a cover and what resources I can put into promotion. After many years in media, I'm

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Twitter Story – Week 2

August 28, 2010 Twitter Storyweekly round up

“I didn’t think it would take that long to get home. Didn’t want to talk about it.” Jim wasn’t being quite honest; he didn’t even want to think about it. Jake raised an eyebrow.

"Were you even close?"

"Not a chance. She went for more than my entire backpay."

"Just as well. I don’t know what you were doing bidding in the first place. Why didn’t you try to buy something less life-changing, like a house?" Jake was utterly unsympathetic, and Jim scowled.

"Just sentiment, I guess. I need a drink."

~The story updates daily at my twitter feed, under hashtag #vhfstr1.

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Twitter Story – Week 1

August 21, 2010 Twitter Storyweekly round up

"I lost the auction." Jim slung the kitbag down and slumped in a chair. Shaking his head, Jake stepped across and closed the door Jim had left swinging behind him.

"Just as well. What would you have done if you'd won?" he asked, and Jim stared at the floor.

"I dunno. I'd have worked something out. I hate to think of her in the hands of strangers."

"And it took you a week to tell me?" Jake sounded unimpressed.

~The story updates daily at my twitter feed, under hashtag #vhfstr1.

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Twitter story begins

August 16, 2010 Twitter Story

Starting today, a short story will be released through Twitter. It will run for about two months, to end near Halloween. The story will be released at the rate of one tweet per day, with a weekly roundup on Friday afternoons on this blog.Set a couple of years before the events in Firestorm, the story covers the arrival of one of the main characters in Brooke's Vale. To follow the story either follow me on Twitter, or look for hashtag #vhtstr1.

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And the story starts

August 16, 2010 Twitter Story

The Twitter story stars up today, under hashtag #vhfstr1. It's a short story (cut to half its original length) set some years before Firestorm.In summary:One tweet per day at 12:00 GMTOver 80 tweets in totalA weekly roundup on the blogStarting 16th August and running through to NovemberIt's the first project of this type I have done, and it will be interesting to see how it works. I am very, very nervous, but I think that will get better once it gets to 12:00, the first tweet goes out, and nothing awful happens. My nerves do have a reason - after setting it all up, the Twitter API failed this morning. Hopefully that problem is now fixed.Two issues that did cause a delay was whether the tweets should be numbered, and if a blog URL should be included with each. Intially I've decided to

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Twitter story update

August 12, 2010 Twitter Story

So far the revised video trailer has only got good reviews. However, although I would like to release it now, I am waiting until I can add confirmed information about the book, the publisher and a definite release date. Once bitten, twice shy.The twitter story passed its beta readers and is now undergoing a last check, while I try to work out the best way to split it up so it does not become confusing on twitter. I've also set up weekly roundups that will appear on the blog each Friday. The targeted start date is 16th August, which means it will finish around Halloween. There are no further updates I can discuss regarding publication at this time.

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