A quick update

September 2, 2010 Twitter Story

I’ve sent the synopsis off to a publisher who is currently accepting submissions. Still nothing on the agent front.

On the publicity side, I spent the latter part of the airshow season this year talking to people about the book. There’s been enough interest, and business cards exchanged, I’m beginning to sway towards taking up the offer to just print it. After all, it’s been professionally edited, and picked up once, so it can’t be that bad. I suspect the reason I keep trying for a larger publisher is because I want the security of other people who want it to succeed once the book is out.

After the four-page test, I’m happy they can lay it out professionally. It just depends if I like what they’d put as a cover and what resources I can put into promotion. After many years in media, I’m acutely aware that you can’t just throw a book out and expect it to sell.

On the bright side, the daily story seems to be picking up followers – 200 on twitter itself, but also extras on redgage, tumblr and even this blog. And if you’re curious about what on earth he was bidding on, keep reading: only one day to go and things become a lot clearer! (#vhfstr1 for anyone not following – or just follow me, since I’m keeping the feed pretty clear for the story.)