Twitter Story – Week 9

October 16, 2010 Twitter Storyweekly round up

“Yep. Matt heard there was a plane up for sale, and you know what he’s like.” Jake sounded rather pleased with himself. “Thought he’d get a gate guardian, and god knows he’s got the hanger space.”

“He spent that much on a gate guardian?” Jim sounded incredulous and Jake sniggered.

“And what were you going to do with it? Tour flights?” Jim ignored him, lifting the binoculars to take a closer look. The markings were all still in place, and he knew without a doubt that this was his aircraft – even if he now had to accept it was Matt’s.

“How?” he asked quietly, slightly stunned.

“She arrived this morning. You must’ve been too busy sulking to notice or you’d have seen her when we drove passed.”


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