Going Under – New Novella Release

January 21, 2013 Select

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When Karo saw the woman drowning in the canal, she did not think twice before diving in to save the victim. Too late, the teenager learned that the accident was not an accident. Now the people who tried to drown Liz to keep her quiet want to make sure Karo does not say a word.

For Karo, the pressure from police and threats from the attackers are nothing compared to the real threat: the family she changed her name to escape. Changing her identity again means losing everything, but a girl who legally does not exist has very few options. As the pressure increases, Karo needs to decide where to turn and who to trust if she is ever going to be able to leave her past behind.

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Going Under is a stand-alone short novel/long novella (at 40,000 words it is right on the boundary) in crime & suspense.

This has been released slightly earlier than expected because the edits came in a lot faster than I thought they would. Since Flurries of Words are featuring Standing Guard this week, putting the book out now to tie-in makes sense. I already have a heavy promotional drive lined up for the end of the month.

This does mean heavy for me, so could probably be summed up as:

New book out.  I think it’s good. Please have a look.

It’s currently Amazon only, due to the longer formatting time for Smashwords. As always for review copies drop me a note. I hope you enjoy the book!