Another Free Day

January 2, 2013 Select

Still Free for the New Year

Get Standing Guard Free on Amazon today (2nd Jan):

Other Amazon Sites: (includes India) (UK) (Canada) (France) (Germany) (Italy) (Spain) (Japan)

Well I’ve definitely learned a few lessons from the first Free Day with Select, and I’m trying to put my thoughts in order to get a blog piece written.

Due to a promotion later this month, I’ve just used my remaining free days, which left me with one over. So, rather than stick it out on its own, I’ve extended this one by a day.

The results so far are promising, with a good rank on Amazon UK:
Amazon UK Rank: #52 Short Story #88 Action Adventure
rank #79 in Short Stories on, and a 4.5 star review coming in from a blog site (here).