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“Reader sets price” – pros and cons

May 23, 2011 SmashwordsThe Docks

I was using "Reader sets price" for "The Docks". On review, I don't think this is working and will be switching to 99c fairly shortly. The "Reader sets price option" seems to restrict your audience without providing many advantages. The first issue is that most offers on Smashwords rely on coupons, which can't be generated for books using "Reader sets Price". At the same time, you can't link "Reader sets price" books to the free ebook directories and users still need a Smashwords account to download it while free books can be accessed by anyone. Some Smashwords readers I spoke to skip over books with this payment type because trying to work out how much to pay is an extra step between them and the book.If there was a tip jar option on the author page, I'd just make the book free and link

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SampleSunday – The Docks

May 15, 2011 SampleSundayThe Docks

A sample from "The Docks", the novella I've been working on. Rather than another sample from Fire Season or Arrival, for this week's Sample Sunday, I thought I'd try something new. With the help of my publisher, The Docks is now available on Smashwords. I'm trialling the "reader chooses" method, so readers can pay what they like or download it for free, while it will be Smashwords minimum of $0.99 on all other channels.Sample: The Docks

Bob had told me we were going to sink the ship, but what he hadn't mentioned was that it wouldn't be empty when we did it. My jaw dropped in horror as I saw the arm, smashing out the cabin window, black against the flames behind it as it fumbled for the door handle on the outside to escape the inferno. Fumbled at the door that Bob had

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