Going Under – finalised and upcoming Free Day

February 16, 2013 Uncategorized

The final cover for Going Under has come out, and will be working its way through the Amazon listings and feed today. I am a little nervous as there is a different formatting system in play for the ebook. It is meant to get rid of those annoying gaps between paragraphs, leaving blank lines as obvious scene breaks.

Anyone who picked up the pre-release copy should now have their update. If not, let me know.

And the Launch is tomorrow, when it will be free for a day, so don’t forget to stop by Amazon and pick your copy up!

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The main problem I’ve had is the same as every other author: reaching readers. Going Under will be in Select for ninety days, just to try and broaden my reader base and get some reviews through Free Days. It worked with Standing Guard, which comes out of Select and goes on general distribution in March.