A bitty week

February 8, 2013 Uncategorized

I’ve been writing solidly all week: my word count is up by 10,000 words and a lot of that is revision.  There’s another novella almost out the door, and another Brooke’s Vale story nearly complete (the last one I did is back from editing) and a fresh story started in my notepad: not to mention the 1,500 word short I still need to type up from last week.  Now I just need to decide whether to release the Brooke’s Vale stories all as $0.99 shorts or finish the collection first.

There’s an interesting situation with reverted rights for some media tie-ins I did long before Fire Season was published (I’m fairly sure I mentioned this isn’t my first penname), which is taking some sorting out: 14 finished novels, and either a media licence or an extensive rewrite required to publish them… Let’s say it’s taking a lot of my attention at the moment.  I don’t want to just leave them sitting on a hard drive because that’s material that could be published.

You might have noticed the main VH Folland site got a new look. I’m still trying to integrate this blog with it, but a fault on the theme is making this a touch difficult at the moment. It’s a shame because I like the theme and I’d buy the commercial version for all the advanced options, but I’m always wary about spending money on something that I know has a fault.

The next Review Ethics post is likely to be Spoilers, as I’m collecting research for what was going to be the second half.