Narrative Issue – Updates

January 18, 2013 Uncategorized

Following up on my last post, it has been a busy week.

The novella is now fully in third person, gained quite a few words and has gone back for a read-through and editing.  It is surprising how much of a difference changing the viewpoint can make, since the beta readers increased their initial ratings by half a star to a star . One clanger did occur in early editing: I removed an overt reference to political events which could date the story badly, replacing it with a vague replacement. Then the editor came back to me and filled me on a potential way the new line could be taken…and I hastily changed it again to avoid dating the story again

If there are no major problems there might be a SampleSunday post this week or next, so people can get a preview. It is a great relief knowing that I have something new virtually ready to come out, depending on editorial feedback. My next task is finishing a Days at Brooke’s Vale story for the collection.

Then I can get on to writing something new, at last. I’ve got notebooks full of ideas to work on, itching to be typed up and developed.

Meanwhile, the snow has been falling since eight this morning and we are now under six inches of it. Since I’m going to be snowed in, I might get some more writing done this weekend, or after last week, I might do anything at all to get away from the PC for a while.