A good and bad day

January 9, 2013 Uncategorized

Today has definitely been mixed.

The good? I got two short stories finished as first drafts and ready for revision.

The bad? I discovered that a story I put out two years ago, that went through two rounds of third-party editing, a spelling and grammar check, and a beta read, has a word missing on the first page.  I find myself rather baffled.

Now, overall I’m actually quite pleased. A lot of today was taken up with work on marketing and promotion, which is why I only got 4,000 words completed (not including editing work on a novella). That was enough to get another of the Days in Brooke’s Vale stories into first draft. While I could put it live after editing, I’m not sure whether to do so or keep this one back for the full ebook. What it does mean is that I will definitely have something ready to go for my next Select promotion, which is a bit of a relief. The other short story is stand-alone and will probably just end up doing standard submission to various magazines, since it’s a little too short to justify charging for it. 

For the second week in the New Year, that’s not bad progress.