New Year, New Projects

January 6, 2013 Uncategorized

It’s the first weekend in 2013, and Twelth Night so the Christmas decorations come down today and it’s time to get down to work for the New Year. My first project for the year was the two free days in Select at the start. These can be best summed up as “never done it before, very happy with the result, will do it again”. The second is continuing to expand the new website, since it is a lot easier to manage than the old website-and-blog and get the book minisites migrated over.

On the writing front, I have a few things already underway: 
  • My main priority is a stand-alone novella, almost complete at 30,000 words. After editing that should be out in June some time.
  • I also have the other “Days at Brooke’s Vale” stories to finalise for the anthology, and I am hoping to get the next one out for the end Jan.
  • The remaining two Harry stories need completion and editing, but I’m stuck on a plot point so that might take a few more months.
There’s a new project, speculative fiction, which may end up as several novels – I’m on over 100,000 words and still going. There was a good initial response fom the beta readers so I’ll be working in that one around my other commitments.

There are two novels on the backburner if I feel that I am running out of pieces to write. And then there are articles, technology reviews and a few other things that I can fill my non-existant spare time with.

Outside writing itself, there are a few things going on.  I have submitted one of my stories to a mainstream publisher, so it will be interesting to see if that goes anywhere.  I’d be interested to see how one of my stories does with some backing. After all, anyone who follows this blog or my old one knows how I feel about promotion and publicity, and the problems of doing it with a pen name (upcoming blog post likely).

A few options in consideration are redoing Arrival‘s cover and adding it to Amazon as a permanently free story.  I also need to decided whether to migrate my old blog posts off blogspot to here or leave them there.  And then there’s the next set of Free Days…

So in all it’s going to be a busy year, and hopefully a good one.

Wishing my readers all the best for 2013.

(And p.s. about four hours after I wrote this I realised I’d forgotten the other standalone novel, currently at 40K words and counting that I want to get out this year…)