Indie Firsts – A new Indie Magazine

November 30, 2011 Off-topic

With the sudden popularity of ebooks, it can be hard to find one you want to read, given huge variation in quality, subject and e-reader formats.

Indie Firsts is a e-magazine. Downloadable in a range of formats it offers selection of first chapters from small press and self-published books, designed to allow readers to find new authors they want to read. It also has a few opinion pieces or short stories, depending on the magazine’s theme.

Indie Firsts was created by Bards and Sages Publishing, under their Positive Publishing Perspectives Imprint. It is planned to be a monthly magazine, with each issue focusing on a different theme, but all offering a wide range of quality fiction.

The first issue is now available from sites including Amazon, Smashwords and Drivethrufiction

You can also read the magazine online via Smashwords, if you are interested:

You might wonder why I am so enthusiastic. I’ll come clean right now, they’ve featured “The Docks” in it, with a first chapter extract and opinion piece.

I also think its a very good way to promote new authors to readers, so I’ll be following it in the future.