Local Author Adventures – Part One

January 28, 2011 Uncategorized

I’ve run a few unexpected events into since I took on the dread label “Local Author” and started promoting my book. The pseudonym preserves a lot of privacy, but even so there have been quite a few surprises. I might write a few more in this series – depending on how much is worthy of blogging.

I hadn’t actually considered that being a local author means forging a business relationship with stores you’ve been frequenting for years. Suddenly you are a supplier as well as a customer, but also a customer at the same time, which can lead to some very odd encounters.

Walking into your local bookshop as a known author for the first time after they’ve ordered your book, the staff seem strangely on edge as you walk towards the counter. The thoughts are on their faces: are you going to ask about your book, the display, whether it will get an end cap etc. They must get that a lot – the stories of authors turning books face out, putting them on end caps and even reverse-shoplifting their books into the store are legion.

“Hello,” I said “Do you have [biography of sportsman]?”

There was a interesting moment of confusion and relief and then a broad smile and directions.

I may write, but it doesn’t mean I gave up reading.

(It also doesn’t mean that when my book comes in I won’t go and buy a copy – just so I can add the receipt to my scrapbook.)