November 12, 2010 Uncategorized

This was going to be a post about the difficulties of promotion when you’re an author with a small press, since the channels for established publishers assume you are self-publishing and the ones for self-publishers assume you are with a company and have unfair advantages. I’ll put this post up another time, however, since I actually have a few updates on the book.

The book trailer has been accepted for YouGottaRead’s trailer contest for January, so I’ll probably be Tweeting a lot about that when it occurs.

My publisher let me know that the Nielsen feed has updated with cover and distribution details, so the book is available to be ordered Sale or Return from just about every bookshop in the country.

Clover Hill Book Reviews took an ARC earlier this year and kindly got back to me with two reviews, Goodreads and the Clover Hill Book Review blog. Phrases like “well-researched” and “Compulsive Reading” as well as the 4.5 stars out of five definitely made my morning.

“Thought provoking, emotional and compassionate, this is a book I could read again. A recommended read.” Clover Hill Book Reviews