Planning a book launch

October 27, 2010 book launch

With six weeks to go until the book is released, people have started asking the question that I was hoping to avoid:
  • “So, when’s your launch party?”
  • “I’ll get back to you.”
The launch party appears to be a traditional part of a book launch now, with press, publisher, author, and possibly family, friends and vague acquaintances being invited. Since I am being published by a small press, I have to arrange my own. As someone with a life-long aversion to public speaking, large events, and media exposure this feels rather like being asked to pick the members of my firing squad.

I have not even settled on a venue yet. Ideally I’d like a bookshop with a cafe, so they can handle the book selling part and I can get something to eat and drink. Unfortunately my local closed a few months ago, and I can’t find another that fits the bill. I did consider going to the other end of the spectrum and asking Foyles, but when I checked the schedule that would put my little event head to head with the Poet Laureate. I know my limits.

It may yet be upstairs in my local with pub grub, friends, family and regulars attending, and a stack of books in the corner. To be honest, that rather appeals.