Cover Artist

October 25, 2010 Uncategorized

The ARC copies have gone out for review with a placeholder cover. Much as I liked seeing them, I can’t wait for the actual book with the full cover.

The cover art for Fire Season is being done by Barry Weekley, a noted aviation artist. With an outstanding gallery, including a number of other book covers, to his name I find myself worried that my book won’t live up to its cover.

Unfortunately, like most authors, I didn’t get much of a say in the cover art. After a few discussions in which I gave some ideas, I am left to see what the publisher and artist come up with. I do know it’s supposed to be a wrap-around image, so to see the full picture you’ll need to open the book flat.

Barry Weekley has his own book of aviation art out, “The Aviation Art of Barry Weekley” which you can see on Amazon.

For the best idea of his artwork however, please see his website at: