Decision time.

September 17, 2010 Uncategorized

For the second time this year I am looking at a publishing contract for the book. This time it’s completely transparent: release date, print run size, promotion, distribution, etc. All the details are there.

And I find myself just looking at it. After accepting a release once already, I find myself wondering if there are any catches, any issues not covered by the contract, that are going to spring up. Even worse, I think I’ve lost confidence in the book.

The downside? No advance, limited book store distribution, a publisher new to the field, and I’d be doing most of my publicity, promotion and marketing myself.

The upside? A print run, better royalties, pre-orders, bookstore distribution, and some marketing support, as well as review copies going out.

I just feel very drained. After all the work to get here, now isn’t the time for second thoughts, but I’m having trouble trying to gear myself up to start promoting again after last time. I just keep thinking that something will go wrong.

They have requested four changes to the book to tighten the plot a bit, and on review I can see what they mean. I’m just finding it difficult to put down the new book I was writing and get back into the mood for the first one.

On the other hand, some people never get into print, so on balance I think I’m doing very well.

ETA: It looks like a few things I thought were fixed aren’t – like book title. Oh well, as long as it gets into print…