Publishing options

July 9, 2010 Uncategorized

After getting a few questions on chat about how I intend to proceed, I will cover the details here.

The full manuscript is currently with a publishing house. If they pick the book up then release options and marketing will obviously change; and improve a great deal since they have significantly more options.

However, if they don’t and I end up going with the local imprint, here are the pencilled in details (obviously subject to change):
  • The book will be released in print and ebook formats, including Kindle, with a short-run printing rather than purely POD.
  • Pre-orders will be taken online through established ecommerce partnerships.
  • The release would be late Q3 prior to christmas, which gives a few months to release ARCs and galleys, and build buzz.
As mentioned, if I go with them I’d be doing a lot of the work myself as it isn’t their usual area. Since they are only offering this option as fans of my previous work (thank you very much, on bended knee, gentlemen), none of this will be started until we hear back from the mainstream publishing house.

Obviously a mainstream publisher could do much more with the novel, due to experience, better distribution links and superior marketing.

To be honest, I’m not sure if the fallback option is calming my nerves or making them worse. I know that I have a lot of hard work coming up very soon, but I don’t know the exact nature of it, how much support I can expect, or even whether I can actually sell a novel using existing connections.

Fingers crossed. They got it on June 25th, so just over two weeks before I hear back.