Biggin Hill airshow, publishers and a preorder possibility

June 25, 2010 Uncategorized

Well, since last Friday, I’ve visited a museum, arranged an interview, worked on a book deal, lost a book deal, got another publisher interested, arranged a fallback…

And this weekend is the Biggin Hill Airshow.

Now I was planning to go along and flyer it, link up with a few acquaintances, push the book mercilessly on them and possibly get bought drinks for actually getting the deal. And, of course, come away with a few preorders and several interested book sellers.

Instead I’m wondering if I really want to go. I can’t exactly flyer without a publisher or release date confirmed. It’s not easy to get to from where I am and, I will be honest, I actually prefer open airshows like Bournemouth where there is a lot more room for the aircraft to perform. On the other hand, if I turn up and discuss what has gone on this week, I will definitely be bought drinks.

In some ways it is slightly disappointing, as it is unlikely the book will be picked up in time to take advantage of this year’s flying season, but on the other hand if my limited online publicity was already causing review and demand issues, promoting at airshows would have caused severe problems. Bournemouth and Eastbourne clear over a million visitors, all aviation mad.

I also have a company willing to act as distributor and reserve review copies for $3/£2 through paypal – pay the rest when the book comes out. Since this would work regardless of who publishes it I am actually tempted to take them up on it.

Any opinions?

ETA: Who am I kidding? It’s Biggin Hill, there are too many nice aircraft to stay away, so I’ll be there on one of the days if at all possible. It is a shame the Vulcan won’t make this year.