Promotion and proofing

June 8, 2010 FirestormPromotion

Today has been an interesting mix of editing, spell-checking and promotion work.

I’ve finished a first look through on the manuscript, highlighted areas of concern, corrected the spelling errors that I found, and then switched to promotion work since I was having trouble focusing on the pages.

Things have moved rather quickly on the marketing front. There is now a site up at It’s bare bones at the moment, but does have a forum for interaction. Two teasers and a book trailer are now ready at my end, although unreleased. I’m not sure what the publisher intends on this front, but I thought I’d make sure there was something available.

Yesterday if you googled VH Folland you got a few links to Folland Gnat fighters with that registration. Today, I’m on the front page of search results, so I think the work is beginning to pay off. Now I need to manage the same with “adventure author” as the keyword, but until the book is out that will be a challenge.

All those years consulting in information, engineering, security, media and ecommerce have come in surprisingly useful. The first three gave me something to write about. The last two are helping me let people know that I’ve written it.