Reviews and writing

June 16, 2011 The Docks

“Well written and suspenseful this novel is an absorbing read.”
Book’d Out

A nice way to start the week, with another good review of Fire Season. This one is from “Book’d out” a well-known reviewer on Amazon and Goodreads. I also just received my sales reports for May and June. Kindle sales have remained at the same level, despite the price increase after the launch offer ended.

I’ve a few things coming up: more reviews, and an indie book lounge interview due in July, so hopefully it will help me reach more readers. “The Docks” is also being offered in the Great Summer giveaway on the Coffeemugged blog (details here).

“Conflict of Interest” is at 12,000 words. Its target release date might slip to August, as the plot has just gone in an unexpected direction. At the moment, this is the manuscript taking up my time, and the reason I’ve cut back on blogging, twitter, and promoting. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.