Escape, first week and other stories

October 27, 2014 Books

Escape went up last week, with a whisper not a shout, and so I thought I’d mention a first week retrospective.

Is it selling a lot?

Is it selling despite me not actually advertising it anywhere?

Should I advertise it somewhere?

The lack of advertising is not entirely by choice. The health issues that affected me earlier this year have resurfaced, making it fairly hard to use a computer at the moment. I have two incomplete novel manuscripts nearly ready to go (one’s at 60,000 words, one’s at 40,000) a 27,000 word draft for another and 18,000 word outline for a fourth, and I’m not really well enough to get them done right now. Short stories are about my limit.

This is part of the reason why I am looking for an agent for the children’s stories – working with a small publisher involves being a lot more involved in the process than a larger one, pushing it in bookstores, input into cover design, and so on, and I am not sure I am up to that at the moment.