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Market Fragments?

February 4, 2012 Articles and Opinionse-book

There have been a few interesting developments in the ebook market this week.New markets often have competing formats. As technology develops many different ways are found of doing the same thing, which eventually standardise to two or three, and as the market matures and new technologies emerge, before one standard emerges.With videos the VHS/Betamax rivalry eventually came to a head and resulted in the triumph of VHS. With Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, Blu Ray eventually came out on top.

Is the same thing now happening to e-readers? Initially there were hosts of formats, many of which are now falling by the wayside, but the first signs of the industry really polarising happened around Christmas 2011. Amazon offered readers a chance to go into bookstores, scan books and then buy on Amazon at

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Fire Season e-book announced

March 26, 2011 e-book

Well, with one week to go I can announce that Fire Season will be available on Kindle from the 2nd April. It is being released through Amazon, and will be available directly from their website. I'll put a link up the moment I have one.Hopefully, this will also mean it will be available on the 16th for the launch.More details will be available soon, and I will add them as I find out more.

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