November 14, 2014 News

When I started I used an old blog at I moved away when google changed their interface, because the new blogger was simply unusable. (The layout is not responsive and it  puts the edit menu off the side of my screen, for example.) I’ve been back several times and filed bug reports, but they’ve never fixed it.

Worse, I found that Google had broken the redirect to the main author blog ( about three months after I had moved so since the blogspot address was on most of my old printed promotions and online reviews of Fire Season, I had actually been losing quite a bit of traffic. I’ve fixed the bugs now, but I am understandably angry.

There may be a way to syndicate content from the main author blog on wordpress to the blogspot blog, which would bring it back into use. I’m trying it out now, and I will be getting the glitches out over the next week. I will openly admit I’ve already had issues with google’s security (as in, found their API wasn’t) and will be adding a few fixes to compensate.

I did look at SNAP and PIPEs, but if I have to use Google’s API with terms that allow them to distribute my text unattributed, and then pay $50-200 for the priviledge of giving my articles away, I think I’ll look for another method.