Conflict of Interest SampleSunday

July 24, 2011 SampleSundayThe Docks

This sample is from an unpublished piece: A short sheak preview sample from “Conflict of Interest”. This is still being edited, so I don’t guarantee it won’t change before the book comes out.

I stowed the papers in my own safe and secured it, hiding it as best I could in the cramped room. There’s no point in stealing something if someone else takes it off you before it can be safely passed on. Then, brushing myself down, I reminded myself the job was only half done.

The second part should be simpler. Shoving the gear, ropes and knife I’d used for the first stage under the bed, I pulled on a non-descript dark green fleece and flipped the hood up to hide my face from cameras.

I walked out of the building where I’d rented the office – cash. no questions, they were desperate – and down to the end of the street. Turning left, five minutes walk led me to the little back alley down the side of my target. Wide enough for delivery vans, they even had an entrance door down there with a reception. They had added a camera since the last time I’d been here, and I walked passed the entrance sizing it up. Clumsily built in on the period building, it jutted out from the wall, leaving a nice blindspot underneath it as it scanned. Satisfied it was no going to be a problem I turned back and casually walked down the side of the alley, pausing underneath the camera to let it pan safely the other way.

Two more quick steps and I was by the little window that lead into the men’s room. The janitor always opened it to hide his illicit smoke breaks, quite convinced no one could get in through it. Unfortunately for him, while a twelve by eighteen inch space wasn’t my favourite method of entry, it was quite possible.

Gripping the corners, I forced it further open and pulled myself up and in. Kicking out with my legs, I got a bit of extra purchase and scraped through, twisting awkwardly to brace myself against the narrow walls. Gingerly I felt around until my foot rested on the cistern, and then pulled my other leg in and through, pushing the window closed-to. If the camera saw it, it should only have caught the window moving, but that would be supicious enough. Time to move.

I left the cubicle, knowing they wouldn’t have cameras in the toilets themselves, and checked the cleaning supply cupboard. I was in luck. Cleaning supplies, and also new overalls. I pulled a set on as extra cover, the cap hiding my face. Unless someone was counting janitors, or at least monitoring them through the building on camera an extra one should go unnoticed. If they were that good, I wouldn’t be here.

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