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Thoughts on Calibre (ebook software)

March 3, 2013 Uncategorized

Calibre Ebook ManagerCalibre is free ebook software that manages your ebooks, allows you to share them if you choose, and best of all lets you link up almost every ereader to easily update and install books.

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Standing Guard – Free 30th, 31st Jan and 1st Feb

January 30, 2013 Select

Standing Guard is free to download on Amazon for the next three days: 30th Jan, 31st Jan and 1st Feb, world-wide.

Flying home from their display seems a perfect time for Jim to train his wife on radio procedures. An SOS on a non-aviation channel was the last thing he expected to hear. The laws of sea and air are clear: the person who receives a distress call is bound to assist.

Even if they are in a very old aircraft, over a very large ocean, looking for a very small boat.

Standing Guard is a short aviation story. Amazon Sites: (includes India) (UK) (Canada) (France) (Germany)

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SampleSunday – The Docks (Free Father’s Day coupon)

June 19, 2011 SampleSunday

Get The Docks free on Smashwords with this coupon: CK45G valid until 21st JuneFather's Day Offer : CK45GHarry's in more trouble than he knows, and he knows he's in a lot.His freedom depends on covering his tracks, and uncovering the truth before the police do. One person holds all the pieces. Unfortunately Harry killed him last night.Murder, manslaughter or self-defence? When Harry agreed to a light spot of arson, he didn't know what was really planned. Then the bomb went off. Now he's confessed to burglary, could be on the hook for murder and is desperately trying to dodge a terrorism charge. On his side, a bunch of crooks and the solicitor he's dubbed Ms. Pitbull. Against him are his former accomplices, the police, and the inspector who sent him down for ten years.Chapter

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