The Twelth Night

January 6, 2012 Uncategorized

In some traditions, the start of 2012 proper. In mine, time to take down the decorations since it is unlucky to leave them up longer. In both cases, it’s the time to shift from holiday mood and face the year ahead.

And there are a few changes coming up for 2012.

You might notice the blog is back to Project Wonderful ads, this time installed properly. After a few ads for well-known publishing scams showed up through Adsense, I decided to shift across fully since I didn’t want to be thought of as endorsing them. I actually prefer Project Wonderful as a service, but last time my blog went down for a few days and my average traffic level dropped too low. This time, using a networked ad that runs across multiple sites, it should avoid that.

There are more unofficial Smashwords widgets in testing, although lack of feedback does appear to be getting to the developers.

I have books, and novels, and short stories, and things to write and edit. Unfortunately I also have bills to pay, so my writing time this year will be more limited.

It is always tempting just to take the huge amount of back-manuscripts I have piled up and throw some straight onto Smashwords unedited. Unfortunately, I think my readers deserve better than that, but editing costs money (and takes time) so 2012 releases are going to be rather slow. On the other hand, going by activities since New Year, it’s also going to be more productive and more successful.

So, here’s to a good 2012 to everyone, and don’t forget to take your decorations down!