An update

July 22, 2011 Promotion

Things are rather busy at the moment, but so this is just going to be a status update.

Conflict of Interest, the sequel to The Docks, is undergoing a lot of editing. The first round of editing added extra plot and tightened up the action. Now it’s back for a second re-read and I’m hoping the editor likes it.

I’m working on replacing the Googlesite with a decent website, hopefully something which looks a bit better and is more likely to sell books.

The real problem right now is promotion. Due to contract restrictions from my work, I am very limited in what I can do to “promote or endorse” a product – one reason why I use a penname. However, it has been confirmed this does mean I can’t use my real name for things like Facebook and setting up a fanpage, or even admin my own fanpage, because it would be held as endorsement. Huge sections of existing promotion are having to be split off (e.g. Squidoo lenses).

I need to find ways round this, but aside from sending out a lot of review copies, there isn’t actually much I can do. Right now, I’m just getting my head down and back to writing.